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#188 – Sybell Spicer

October 26, 2013

aow spicer sybell color

Mother of Jeyne Westerling, but better known for being the granddaughter of Maggy the Frog.


#187 – Roose Bolton

May 22, 2013

bolton roose

Head of House Bolton and a strong spokesman for leeches.

#186 – Mad Huntsman

May 22, 2013

mad huntsman

Y’know, just that BWB fella that caught The Hound.

#185 – Ben Blackthumb

May 7, 2013

blackthumb ben

A blacksmith in the service of Lady Shella Whent of Harrenhal.

#184 – Kegs

May 4, 2013


A builder of the Night’s Watch.

#183 – Penny

April 20, 2013


A dwarf woman from across the Narrow Sea.

#182 – Quentyn Ball

April 15, 2013

ball quentyn

Better known as Fireball, he was slain during the Blackfyre Rebellion while stopping for a drink of water.