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#195 – Aemond Targaryen

September 13, 2014

all of westeros - targaryen aemond

He lost an eye at the age of ten and was known for replacing it with a sapphire.


#194 – Donnel Swann

September 2, 2014

all of westeros - swann donnel

Jaime Lannister mockingly calls him Ser Donnel the Constant due to his unstable loyalty.

#193 – Melessa Florent

September 1, 2014

all of westeros - florent melessa

It’s Samwell Tarly’s mommy!

#192 – Willit

August 31, 2014

all of westeros - willit

He protected Ser Harys Swfyt during the Battle of the Blackwater and got a shiny new helm as a reward.

#191 – Bethany Redwyne

August 26, 2014

all of westeros - redwyne bethany

She lied for her daughter’s sake and got Dareon sent to the Wall to keep the family’s reputation clean.

#190 – Godric Borrell

August 25, 2014

all of westeros - borrell godric

My favorite descriptor for Godric is this: “coarse white hair grows from his cheeks and chin.”

#189 – Mors Umber

August 23, 2014

all of westeros - umber mors

He played a part in killing a Frey named Aenys, so I’m a fan.